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Exclusive Hand Grips for Leica M&Q

A state-of-the-art creation for the legendary camera brand Leica. A new cutting-edge concept, with features never-before-seen.

Made by and for Leica M & Q photographers in sunny Andalusia, southern Spain. L’Artec hand grips look glamorous but are discreet, unobtrusive. They look simple. But they are invisibly sophisticated. Leica alike. 

An Art Deco/Bauhaus inspired design, high-tech machining and, most of all, patient, passionate hand-assembling. 

The L'Artec hand grip is a tribute to Leica, to its history and to those who value a tool they can trust.

A hand grip has never been so rare, so functional. And so modern. With a vintage flair.

Faithful to this philosophy, our hand grips offer: 


A. More than just improved and safe camera handling.


B. Innovative interior & exterior camera body protection.


C. 20th century craftsmanship in the digital era.

And we make them for Leica owners who cherish their camera as a jewel.

L’Artec hand grips are light. But they are solid and rigid thanks to e.g. the 10 mm thick bottom plate, the tongue and groove profile of their main parts, the internal carbon fiber reinforcements and the beautifully 3D milled brass arch which grants the front & rear sections a brass-bound union.

Yes, L’Artec hand grips are very strong. We make them to last forever. Leica alike.

Wood and brass are initially CNC-machined with hundreds of MOP’s (machine operations) after which the 32 separate components are carefully and patiently hand-assembled. Finally, we proceed to the finishing touches.

A time-consuming process which will lead to one of our main goals: uniqueness. 

We use resistant and not endangered wood species like Etimoé, Wengué, European Walnut, Asian Rosewood, brass, stainless steel and carbon fiber among other materials.  
Outstanding control of your camera, the smooth touch of wood, the solid feeling of brass. A L'Artec hand grip will become an inseparable partner of your Leica M or Q. 
And its beauty will be enhanced by usage and by time adding a completely new, practical and elegant dimension to your Leica photographic adventures. 
The many special features of L’Artec hand grips:
  • Ergonomic & aesthetic design focused on superb camera control and functional elegance.
  • Complete protection of the camera body reducing the traces of time & wear thus increasing its resale value. Low profile rear and bottom left protective sections which fit perfectly in the palms of your curved hands when photographing.
  • Extra safety: the wood and the inner protective rubber inserts absorb the impact of unforeseen bumps and drops.
  • Extra stability: ideal for available light photographers and when using heavy and/or long lenses.
  • L'Artec hand grips don't interfere with camera functions and buttons nor with carrying or wrist straps.
  • The Leica Q, Q-P and Q2 hand grips offers direct access to the battery and memory card compartment without removal.
  • Camera + hand grip: one-piece unit feeling once attached to your Leica M or Q camera. 
  • Engineered to highest tolerances followed by meticulous hand-assembling to fit the camera like a glove.
  • Camera can be set down level and stable.
  • Attaches to camera via tripod mount threaded hole.
  • Integrated alternate tripod mount provided.
  • Non-snag rounded edges.
  • 100% ecological and hypo allergenic finish, wear and humidity resistant according to the DIN standard 53160. Covid disinfected finish & packaging.
  • Every piece of wood is different. So there will never be two identical L’Artec hand grips. Each hand grip is totally unique.
  • Weight: approximately 140 - 160 grams (4.9 - 5.6 oz) depending on camera model and wood species.
Supported camera models:

• M10, M 10-P, M10-D

• M10 Monochrom, M10-R

• M Typ 240

• M-P Typ 240

• M-E Typ 240

• M Monochrom Typ 246

• M Typ 262

• M-D Typ 262

• Q, Q-P, Q2

Special edition cameras based on the above mentionned camera models  


The making of L’Artec hand grips

Wood: we select our pieces of wood according to severe criteria: presence of knots no matter how small, colour variation, grain orientation and pattern, pores, general appearance, smoothness, etc. We discard about 40% of the wood we receive!

Brass, stainless steel and carbon fiber: are chosen following international DIN Standards and are provided to L’Artec by renowned companies.


Machining: we designed and built our own CNC machines for our purpose, improving many technical aspects in order to reach the precision we demand for our hand grips.

Hand-assembling & finishing: it takes us three days to make your hand grip and most of the time we invest is dedicated to this phase. Because we want them to be perfect and beautiful masterpieces. 

A L'Artec hand grip will be a refined and elegant asset for every Leica M&Q photographer.

Hand grip models & VAT-free prices for non-EU clients shipping costs excluded*:


Leica M10, M10-P, M10-D, M10 Monochrom, M10-R

269 €


Leica M Typ 240, 246, 262

269 €


Leica Q, Q-P, Q2, Q2 Monochrom

292 €


Hand grips for Leica special editions

269-292 €

*EU clients: prices do not include VAT.

See our document with approximate shipping costs and delivery time examples by clicking here.

Packaging: in a strong box with a laser cut foam insert in which the hand grip fits perfecly.

Warrenty: See our warranty terms by clicking here.

Customized/bespoke hand grips
L’Artec hand grips can be customized with e.g. engravings, names, words or numbers. Do you have a particular desire? Perhaps you have that special piece of wood and you would like a L'Artec hand grip made with it. Or you might be looking for that distinctive present... Please let us know your wishes and we will gladly get in touch with you.
You can use the form below to contact us. Each e-mail message will be answered by L'Artec. If you place an order please indicate: camera model, grip model ("Granada" or "Málaga"), the wood of your choice and any customization wishes. We will reconfirm your message with further information.